UAPx researches UFO/UAP while providing direct access to the general public of reviewed and analyzed data. UAPx designs, tests, implements, and utilizes specialized equipment to fill the gaps in sensor technology identified by the United States Government - without Governmental involvement. We bring together a global network of researchers, physicists, scientists, trained observers, engineers, enthusiasts, communities, and individuals dedicated to the scientific method in studying Unknown Aerial Phenomena. We create solutions and processes to standardize data collection, investigate, monitor, and ultimately protect our National Airspace through collective effort.

Perhaps you remember November 10, 2004. We sure do. It was the day when Senior Chief Kevin Day of the USS Princeton reported seeing odd and slow-moving objects flying in groups of five to ten off of San Clemente Island, west of the San Diego coast. This led to the USS Nimitz launching F/A-18s to intercept and get visual hour later, Navy pilots would make history by taking infrared videos of what the United States Government has declared as an unidentified object.

Gary Voorhis and Jason Turner were aboard the USS Princeton during the now-famous "TicTac Incident" and were witnesses to the activities as well as the videos and subsequent Government actions which led to the public never knowing of this incident for nearly two decades.

Senior Chief Kevin Day and Gary Voorhis founded UAPx to search for, collect data on, and ultimately identify Unknown Aerial Phenomena. UAPx is now staffed by top-notch physicists, NASA-trained astronauts, electronic engineers, DoD Analysts, Technical Writers, Researchers, and Attorneys - all joined for the common goal of searching for and identifying UAP.

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