My search for the truth about UFOs: Part 4- "The Wyoming Aftermath."

Imagining National Security: The CIA, Hollywood, and the War on Terror — Democratic Communiqué 26, №2, Fall 2014, pp. 72–83
The OSIRIS at Devil's Tower, Wyoming
  1. If he knows the future, he should never force that knowledge upon anyone who doesn't directly ask for it. The ramifications of this "disclosure" alter personalities, change lives, create unwanted stress and angst, and violate the basic foundations of personal sovereignty and the very definition of ethical behavior. Not to mention the direct invasion of privacy by gaining access to personal information that hasn't even happened yet. It is anti-humanistic and approaches the boundaries of being simply evil.
  2. If he is full of shit, then his words were designed in a way to forcefully change behavior without any regard to the wellbeing of the receiver and without any care whatsoever to any mental collateral damage it may do — all for a self-serving reason and without care. This, too, is approaching the boundaries of being simply evil.
Lue Elizondo and the OSIRIS


No. No, and No. The singular camera I had was a Dahua 50232 fisheye camera. There were no capabilities for hyperspectral imaging — there was no equipment for detecting radioactive/radiation signatures, and there was absolutely no process, equipment, or ability to cancel anything out. What he said was a complete fabrication of capabilities. To compound the sensationalism, Lue further described the technology in the OSIRIS as having come from "a friend in the NSA" and how I "…managed to take an idea that is supposed to sit on top of a US Embassy or near an air base and made this thing completely mobile with multi-spectral capabilities…radiation detector, background noise cancelation, you name it."

Other IP? Other individuals? TTSA? Other verticals?

What is happening? Where was this going, and what the hell was I now involved with? This had gone 0 to 60 from Jake Mann and I discussing that it might be interesting to document the OSIRIS build and do some data collection to me having (non-existent) embassy guarding NSA hyperspectral and radiological technology to re-invent TTSA and become a multimedia push. This had no resemblance to anything that I had originally envisioned. Lue even stated that he had spoken with Chris Mellon that very day — stated that Chris was fully aware and supportive of what we were doing and expressed to the Hollywood execs that we weren't doing this "in a vacuum" and that we had "Chris' 100% blessing." This really struck me as odd. Was this Lue further pushing the idea that the project has support from people of significance — did Hollywood need that reassurance — was this just posturing? Was there another reason for that interjection? To this day, I don't know — but personally, I feel as if it was just chest-thumping. After being involved in a few TV shows and a movie, it certainly doesn't appear to me that Hollywood really cares about whether former representatives of the USG support a production. At this point, I felt that any authenticity, honesty, and all the reasons I became first involved with the project had evaporated and were replaced with an artificial production designed for a very specific and (desired by others) payoff.



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Articles herein are either mine, personally, or if attributed to another author, theirs.